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Fat Loss. Start Here.

  The simplest truths are harder to believe. Unless there’s an underlying medical, metabolic, or psychological issue with your weight, the below info should be the starting point. Low fat, low carb, keto, zone, vegetarian, etc … all fall under … Continue reading

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I Can’t Lose Fat – My Will Power Sucks!

“I can’t lose fat, because my will power sucks!” As a nutrition coach I hear this pretty often. ┬áIn fact it’s a very common statement. Is it true? First, have you heard about the ‘Stanford Marshmallow Experiment’? It was a … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Black Beans

A hearty bean and beef dish that ‘sticks to your ribs’. Economical way of getting your fiber, vitamins and protein. Why people aren’t eating them more often? My guess is that one reason is the popularisation of Paleo diet, which … Continue reading

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