Because #OldSchoolBodybuilding is cool 😉

With zero nutrition knowledge, a Mom of 2 little children, living in the ‘food capital’ of the US south, Natalia soon found herself constantly battling low energy and bad mood. She was 60 lbs overweight. That affected her health in several ways, and she knew something had to change. She made herself her first client. Here’s a detailed account of the process. It describes how exactly she went from 200 lbs to 135 lbs (from 35% body fat to 10%)

After seeing the results of proper nutrition and physical training, Natalia fell in love with all things health-related. This passion has only grown during the past 11 years. She got her hands on the latest research and other resources relating to the subject, while helping her friends and family members reach their health and fitness goals. Natalia often found herself sharing her knowledge with people via her blog and social networks. Many were suggesting she should make it her career.

Natalia is currently enjoying working as a head trainer and nutrition coach at the most caring gym in Lake Norman area – Raw Fitness #MakeYourComeBack

Natalia is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She is also certified in Sports and Exercise Nutrition through Precision Nutrition. She has taken courses from Postural Restoration Institute.  She is continually learning from the best in the fitness industry in order to serve her clients better. Change Psychology is another topic of great interest to her.

Natalia: “I have experienced first-hand all the pitfalls of fad diets and all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The journey to the place where I am now would have been a lot easier if I had a knowledgeable and motivational coach by my side. I want to be just that for others now. I want to provide a safe environment for my clients to consider change, and help shape the path for reaching their goals.”

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